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As a big believer in the power of creativity and ideas, DDB loves to share its new thinking. DDB will be providing its proprietary Yellow Papers, research reports, surveys, and other intellectual capital to further the debate on business communications. – See more at: http://www.ddb.com/ideas/thinking/#sthash.67XslNjh.dpuf


Authentic Illusion(AIVFX Inc.) Founded in 2003, Authentic Illusions was established in efforts to create a new intersection between innovation and artistic ingenuity. We seek to create a captivating digital realm in which your brand’s vision is communicated clearly while utilising cutting edge technology.





Deep Illusion Stereoscopic 3D Team develops specialized Stereoscopic (S3D) Production full range pipeline solutions for the film and broadcast industry.

We offer:Custom built motorized stereoscopic camera control operation equipment,Real-time proprietary S3D editing software application,Stereoscopic image capture processing systems,S3D Technical support and on set supervision. S3D digital post production, Visual Effect and Animation service.

至深映像3D立體影視影視製作工作室提供 3D立體電影項目製作及開發,3D立體電影,電視特效製作及拍攝現場特效技術指導.



Promodea (Promodea  Ltd.) is an international advertising and marketing communication services company. Promodea provide advertising, strategic media planning, as well as digital and interactive marketing.  As a big believer in the power of creativity and ideas, Promodea loves to enhance your creative ideas to further promote your business together.

Promodea (至真 廣告傳媒有限公司) 致力於服務加拿大多元文化社會,幫助華人商家樹立嶄新的企業形象,開拓市場,發展生意。我們專注於視頻領域的創意實踐與技術研究,以創新的影像表 達為客戶傳播價值。核心業務涉及電影、廣告片、企業宣傳片、產品專題片、4K、3D立體影視等各種視頻的創意製作與創新傳播