History / 公司歷史

 Authentic Illusion(AIVFX Inc.) Founded in 2003, Authentic Illusions was established in efforts to create a new intersection between innovation and artistic ingenuity. We seek to create a captivating digital realm in which your brand’s vision is communicated clearly while utilising cutting edge technology.



  History / 公司歷史                          


  • 《超越時間線》(2013)
  •  《天機-富春山居圖》 (2013)

Supervising Lighting and rendering for visucal effect. 

  • DDB New York Lottery Zombie Commercial (2012)
  • Sunny D Commercial(2012)
  • Lower Commercial(2012)

AIVFX  completed the CG 3D Zombie design, modelling, animation, crowd simulation, and rendering work.

  • Piper Rose(2012)

We have developed 3D Stereoscopic Film production pipeline technology which includes stereoscopic camera control rig, stereoscopic camera tracking, 2D/3D CG element integration, compositing and editing tools, and software. We will see things in 3D.

  • Seattle Super Storm(2011)
  • Talus Commercial(2011)
  • EXCEL Commercial(2011)
  • Robin-Hood Commercial(2011) 
  • Baygon Commercial(2011)

Research and Development for CG Tornado, Dust, exposition. 

  • Land(2010)

AIVFX Inc finished all post production visual effect work for Canadian documentary film “Land”.


  • Piranha 3-D (2011)

AIVFX artists have successfully finished pre-visualizing 83 animation shots and the piranha fish production shader development for Alexandre Aja’s stereoscopic feature film “Piranha 3-D”.

  • The Birthday Gift《 生日禮物 》(2009) 

AIVFX is in development of a bold new computer animated project that promises to rattle the CG world. The project tells a heartwarming Chinese tale that will touch audiences around the world and provide a window into Chinese culture. Hyper-real computer animated characters and sets, built, designed and animated by some of the world’s leading CG artists, will propel spectators into an authentic illusion of reality. Audiences can experience the Birthday Gift in film festivals around the world in the summer of 2010. Visit again soon for a sneak peak at the project and a behind the scenes look at its creation.

King Bonn (JinPeng) Award! ” The Birthday Gift ” wins “The best animated short film director” award at The First China International New Media·Movie·Television·Animation Festival

Autodesk : customer story: AIVFX, The making of “The Birthday Gift”;
Eyeon software case studies: AIVFX Presents The Birthday Gift To The World;
Digital Media World has released a newsletter about the making of The Birthday Gift;
The short CG film “The Birthday Gift”, presented by AIVFX, is official seleted by ACM Siggraph ASIA 2010 Animation Theater.

The Chicago International Children’s Film Festival – 2011!, “The Birthday Gift” is officially selected!

The Birthday Gift” was awarded “Achievement in Story” nomination by www.animazspot.com “Weekend of Animated shorts” International Film Festival.

“The Birthday Gift” has been selected for the 10th Annual Kansas International FIlm Festival

“The Birthday Gift” has been selected for the Canada Ontario Bay Street Film Festival

  • Sky Monster(2008)

Digital dinosaur creation. 

  • Sea Monster(2008)

AIVFX developed breath taking underwater environments and sea creatures to advertise the services of a telecommunications client. The project had several technical challenges including building photo real digital fish characters and teaching a school of thousands of them to spell out words with their bodies. Our artists and technicians invented tools and techniques to make such an ambitious shot a reality.

  • Blackberry Commercial(2007)

RIM commissioned AI to create a fully realistic dancing cell phone to launch their first flip phone. This interactive advertisement was featured on RIM’s website.

  •  Capes(2006) CG cartoon movie(2006)


AIVFX supervised(Post Production Supervisor) the visual effects for an animated short film. The project involved simulating cloth, post lighting and fluid effects.

  • Happy Never After(2006)
  • The man who lost himself(2006)
  • Vampire Worlds(2006)

A collection of the digital environments created by AI’s artists.

  • Canadian In Korean War(2005)

 Digital visualiazation

  • Silent Hill(2005)
  • Flying Dinosaur(2004)

Collaborating with Hall Train Studios, a company world renowned for creating animatronic and computer animated dinosaurs, AIFVX took a trip back to the Jurassic age. After making a thorough study of the movement, structure and skin surfaces of dinosaurs, AIVFX’s artists were able to use digital technology to bring prehistoric lizards back to the future. 

  • 3D Laser Scans Research and Development(2004)

With the cooperation of the digital imaging company Arius3d, AI is experimenting with 3d laser scanned models using various custom shaders and lighting effects. This pure research will be the foundation for many future projects.

  • Teletoon Commercial(2003)
  • Gusher Candy Commercial(2003)