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Authentic Illusion (至真 映影視製作有限公司):

AIVFX Inc.(Authentic Illusion ) is a International Film and TV production company, Our combined decades of experience allows our artists to create groundbreaking and awe inspiring imagery.  Our philosophy is to achieve creative and personal growth through the pursuit of excellence. We stretch our imaginations and devote ourselves to meticulous study and research to produce content that not only satisfies, but amazes clients.

  • Feature Film Production development
  • Visual Effectfor Design film and TV production,  on set Visual Effect supervision,
  • Pre Visualization service for Film and TV production,
  • Digital Animated film/ TV production technoledg development
  • International media translation and distribution


  • 電影項目製作及開發
  • 電影,電視特效製作及拍攝現場特效技術指導
  • 影視編​​輯視覺預覽動畫
  • 數碼動畫項目設計
  • 國際媒體項目翻譯,合成及發行



Deep Illusion Stereoscopic 3D Film Production Lab (至深映像3D立體影視影視製作工作室):

Deep Illusion Stereoscopic 3D Team develops specialized Stereoscopic (S3D) Production full range pipeline solutions for the film and broadcast industry. 

We offer:

  • Custom built Motorized stereoscopic camera control operation equipment,
  • Real-time proprietary S3D editing software application,
  • Stereoscopic image capture processing systems,
  • S3D Technical support and on set supervision.
  • S3D digital post production, Visual Effect and Animation service.


  • 3D立體電影項目製作及開發
  • 3D立體電影,電視特效製作及拍攝現場特效技術指導

Promodea (至真 廣告傳媒有限公司):

Promodea  is an international advertising and marketing communication services company. Promodea provide advertising, strategic media planning, as well as digital and interactive marketing.  As a big believer in the power of creativity and ideas, Promodea loves to enhance your creative ideas to further promote your business together.

Promodea 致力於服務加拿大多元文化社會,幫助華人商家樹立嶄新的企業形象,開拓市場,發展生意。我們專注於視頻領域的創意實踐與技術研究,以創新的影像表 達為客戶傳播價值。核心業務涉及電影、廣告片、企業宣傳片、產品專題片、4K、3D立體影視等各種視頻的創意製作與創新傳播

  •     商務影視媒體廣告製作
  •     國際互聯網絡視頻營銷推廣
  •     寬頻手機實時交互軟件開發


VFX24 (特效24 影視技術開發工作室):

VFX24 strives to push and break through the boundaries of computer technology to create unforgettable commercials, film, and TV moments for our clients and audiences. With its growing stable of skilled artists and technicians, and through the use and development of new computer technology, the company produces never before seen digital images and effects – Fresh and innovative authentic illusions designed to captivate a world audience. VFX24 promises to turn your company’s vision into a digital reality.

  • Custom technical directing for film  production service
  • CGI software research and development for video production

特效24 影視技術開發工作室 專注於視頻領域的創意實踐與技術研究,以創新的影像表達為客戶傳播價值。

  • 高端影視項目製作技術開發
  • 影視計算機圖形軟件研發



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